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Ivy Liebross Memorial Fund

Ivy Liebross with her husband, Burt, and children, Estee, Joanna, and Adam

To my Friends:

The Ivy Liebross NA’AMAT Memorial Fund has been established to honor the beloved wife of Burt, mother of Estee, Joanna, and Adam, devoted grandmother to 9 grandchildren, and the community of family, friends, coworkers, and others who are so grateful for her loving spirit and her exemplary model of philanthropy and volunteer work. Her values of humility, compassion, personal growth, combined with her keen mind propelled her leadership positions within NA’AMAT USA (originally Pioneer Women) in both the local Los Angeles chapter, and on the National Board of this organization.

Ivy was always aware of the crucial role the State of Israel has played in the lives of United States Jewry and was passionate about actively doing work to better the lives of our family and fellow Jews in Israel. To that end she carried the baton from both Grandma Giberman and Lillian Liebross, her mother-in-law, and dedicated her adult life to the organization that will celebrate its 100th birthday in just two years in 2025.

Since we first established this Fund, of course, things in Israel have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. My family and I are in shock and grief over the war that started in our beloved Israel on October 7th with a barbaric terrorist attack by Hamas forces. Since then, we have continued to learn of horrors and trauma visited on our friends, loved ones, and innocent people by Hamas. We are hoping for the elimination of Hamas from the region, but we also worry for the safety of the innocent people and children in Gaza. We pray for a swift end to violence and the loss of civilian innocents of any background.

So many of us across the country are asking "what can we do to help?!" Along with the NA'AMAT Board, Staff, and members, I feel so privileged and PROUD to know that NA’AMAT’s established networks of facilities, staff, and systems, NA'AMAT has been on the ground working with victims and those in need from the very beginning of this war. We ARE doing something.

We who are so proud of Ivy’s achievements and share her love of Israel and the Jewish people appreciate this opportunity to strengthen our connection tangibly while so powerfully assisting the women, children, and families who will benefit by the contributions of devoted family, friends, and supporters of NA’AMAT.

The Ivy Liebross Memorial Fund will be an “endowment” fund that will make directed distributions each year according to the most urgent needs at the time. These needs will be all the more critical going into the future. Particularly the social and mental health services, assistance with legal affairs, safe and healthy childcare environments, the tech high schools for teens, and of course the youth villages, which presently are doing double duty as temporary homes for many displaced families.

Thank you all for your love of Ivy, and your support for Israel.

With Love,
Burt, Joanna, Estee, and Adam

Contribute Today

Your tax-deductible donation to The Foundation will be credited to the Ivy Liebross Memorial Fund to support 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations recommended by Burt Liebross.

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